Linking Study 1200 to Your VLE

Make the Most of Sanako’s Free Study Lite Recorder

Why not extend language learning from your Study 1200 language lab to the whole school and home?  It’s easy to do and can really help reinforce the classroom sessions in the lab.  The two main things that you need to make sure to implement are: 

  • Make sure your students and teachers have access to the free Study Lite Recorder

Make sure that the following link is easily available from within your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  It could perhaps be on the language department web page.  This will allow your teachers and students to freely install the Lite Recorder on their home PCs and laptops.  The result is that work can be moved seamlessly between the language lab and home – if they don’t finish in the classroom they can continue the assignment at home.  Alternatively, the teacher can set active homework for them to complete or prepare before their next lab session.

  • Ensure that Study is the default player for all the audio and video file types that you have on your VLE

It is strongly advised that when the students click on a hyperlink in the VLE the Operating System will open that file in the Sanako software and not say Windows Media Player.  There are many ways to ensure this but it is important to keep things easy for the users.

You can also consider the following ways to link Study to your VLE:

  • Set the playlist folder to a VLE area instead of a network folder

If you go to the Tools – Preferences window of the Study 1200 Tutor application,  you can change the Playlist and content files folder from the present path (e.g. \\SERVER\LANGUAGES\) to say a UNC path to a shared folder on your VLE e.g. \\VLE\LANGUAGES  In order to achieve this your VLE will need to be able to support the creation of UNC folders from HTTP or FTP shares.  In some of the cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google drive this is possible but you may need to check that this is possible with your solution.  This means that any file added by the teacher during the lesson to the Study 1200 Playlist will automatically be copied to your VLE and hence be accessible by students from home via the VLE.

  • Create an area on the VLE to which students can hand-in their recordings

Many VLE offerings (including the free cloud storage solutions) allow you to create a hand-in or collection folder.  This means that when students have completed their work at home they can save to this area and the teacher can then listen to and mark the work.

  • Have teachers take advantage of the Voice Insert feature to provide oral comments to student recordings

In exactly the same way that a teacher could open a document file sent to them by a student and add text comments to their work, you can also open the student work in Study Lite and use the Voice Insert mode to simply listen to the students and then insert your voice to comment on what you have heard.  The students will then hear their work followed by your comments.  This is an easy way to provide clear feedback on pronunciation and to suggest improvements.

A free download of the Study Lite Recorder is found at The Language Point website or contact ESS for more information.

As ever, if you have any questions just ask.  We are always happy to listen and help.

Written by Paul Redhead