Language Labs & Pinterest?!

I’ll hold my hands up and say straight away that I was not an early adapter of Pinterest!  I’ve been using Twitter both for work and in a personal capacity for quite a while, and am a big fan of on-line collaboration and sharing, but my first look around Pinterest and its boards left me with the feeling that it was little more than a place for cake recipes and fashion photos.

However, I was encouraged to give Pinterest another go recently, and I have to admit I’ve changed my mind!  Here’s why:  Finding things again – When browsing around the internet, it will generally be images which catch my eye first.  In the past, I used to bookmark the page but pinning it instead provides an image to jog my memory, and a way of sharing my find with others.

Finding great images – I’m always delighted to find authentic, original images from the country in which the language I’m teaching is spoken.  Search using the phrase German food for example, and you’ll find some great pictures of Wurst and Kuchen.  Or try searching just France, and you’ll get not only the usual tourist images, but also some lovely atmospheric shots too.

Finding interesting starter activity prompts – Sometimes you need something to kick-start a lesson or a new topic.  Infographics can be great for this – you can build a whole lesson around one, or use it as a talking point.  Try searching on Spanish infographic and there are results on a variety of themes in both Spanish and English.

I find that by linking to my Twitter account, I find out when twitter colleagues join Pinterest, and can share images and ideas with people I already know, as well as raiding the boards of strangers, too! I highly recommend dipping a toe into the Pinterest water.  And yes, I do have my own board for cake recipes now too!

By Marie O’Sullivan, Community Manager at The Language Point



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