Sanako Releases Study v.8 and Pronounce Classroom

We are excited to announce that Sanako Study Version 8.0 is ready to be installed.  Sanako heard the requests for the very popular Telephone Conversation activity and it is now included in the wide range of activities available for use in the Study labs.  This new version also allows for the new Pronounce activity to be launched from the teacher position with the ability to collect student work.

study-v8-telephoneTelephone Activity

Allow students to “call” each other with the much requested Telephone activity. This allows for a wide range of real-life based conversation exercises.

Pronounce integration

Convert any text into a pronunciation exercise with the Pronunciation activity. This integrates the well-liked Pronounce tool with the Study classroom.

study-v8-pronounceThe Pronunciation activity employs all the speech recognition and pronunciation analysis tools in Sanako Pronounce to produce objective results of student performance. Additionally, teachers are able to collect student work and a report of student scores.

Please note: the Pronunciation activity is available as a separate module for Sanako Study 700 and 1200, and is not included in either one by default.

content-exercise-report-265x300Additional improvements in Study v. 8.0 include indication of call order when multiple students call the teacher for advice student icon w call order and a new report tool for the Content Exercise activity that produces detailed reports of any exercise that has been completed with the activity.

Introducing: Pronounce Classroom

Another exciting product has been added to the Sanako product line with the release of Sanako Pronounce Classroom.

Pronounce Classroom combines the pronunciation practice tools of Sanako Pronounce with automatic management, evaluation and collection features for the teacher.  The system includes a new Pronounce Manager application that allows teachers to manage exercises, view students’ progress and performance and collect student work.