Benefits of Sanako Language Labs from ESS for Education Administrators

Computer classroom with studentsEducation administrators recognize the value of language learning in preparing students to be competitive in an increasingly global economy. A growing number of states and districts mandate world language education and its importance to college admissions is well known. A high-quality language lab can greatly increase the efficiency of second language acquisition, improve test scores, and get students excited about language programs.

We recommend combining budgets where possible to help make a lab affordable – the same language lab can be used to teach ESL and World Languages.  It can also be used to give teachers control over computers being used to teach any subject.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field, ESS is the perfect partner to help get your language lab installed or upgraded. As a Premier Sanako dealer, we offer a wide variety of options to fit virtually any classroom, IT and budget need, from shared mobile carts to cost-effective, district-wide installations. ESS is focused on the success of teachers and students, providing expert training and support to maximize the return on your investment in a Sanako language lab.

Talk to ESS about finding a language learning solution that meets the needs of your institution.