Sanako Classroom at a York CollegeEducational Systems & Services installation services are included with all classroom language lab solutions.  All services are performed by our certified Sanako trained technicians including after-sales customer support.

Our friendly, polite and knowledgeable technicians work with your institution’s technical and teaching personnel to provide professional installation.  ESS is committed to providing the best support available.

How it works

ESS will visit the site where the system will be installed prior to the installation.  We are able to provide complete classroom layouts and lab furniture should your school need that assistance.  We check the site, computers and server for the best possible outcome and to ensure that the setup of the Sanako lab proceeds efficiently and on time. Our certified technical staff will evaluate your specific environmental conditions and provide the most suitable solutions.  ESS will verify all contents of the packing list and make sure that all components are included in the delivery of the system.

System testing and sign off

Educational Systems & Services does thorough functionality tests in accordance with Sanako guidelines. A comprehensive test sheet is followed to entirely verify every lab function before turning the lab over to the school staff.