IT Staff

Benefits of Sanako Language Labs from ESS for Education IT Professionals

Altoona Area HS language lab roomESS provides Sanako language lab solutions that are IT friendly.  We understand that a language lab is only one part of your school’s IT infrastructure and that you have a lot of challenges throughout your campus. Sanako’s labs are very stable and very low maintenance ~ their software developers work closely with the IT staff of many educational institutions.  This provides them with true insight into the factors that mean the most to you.  Sanako labs offer the following IT benefits:

Worry-free Windows compatibility No ‘XP compatibility mode’ required like some of the other labs
Sanako is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Your lab will always work with the latest Windows OS
MP3 licensing Sanako is directly and fully licensed to utilize MP3 and does not use 3rd party licensing like other lab manufacturers
Easy on the network Sanako labs are designed intelligently to minimize the bandwidth requirements. The Sanako Lab 100 does not even need to be on the network at all
Simplicity Easy to install, easy to maintain. Sanako provides you with the ability to install our Study labs using MSI packages
System longevity Sanako software updates and upgrades ensure that your lab will be an effective tool for many years to come
Ease of use + great training Intuitive lab interfaces combined with very thorough training means fewer user errors and less troubleshooting time in the lab
Great support! ESS provides great response times for both remote and on-site support

Find out more about how Sanako language labs from ESS can be easy to deploy and manage. Contact us!