Sanako Lab 100

Lab 100 - students using it around a round tableNo computers?
No problem!

The Sanako Lab 100 is an easy-to-use, effective digital teaching solution for language study and for any discipline that tests and groups students and/or uses audio lessons.  It can be installed in a small space—SANAKO Lab 100 Cart without special furniture or a dedicated computer classroom. It can also be used on a mobile cart.

Only a teacher computer is needed.  Students are equipped with digital recorder units that are sturdy and simple to use – allowing them to have an active role in stimulating learning activities – either alone, in groups or pairs.

How your school can benefit from Sanako Lab 100

  • Atlantic Cape Lab 100 classroomEngage students to learn languages by doing.
    Students can record themselves and hear their own recordings instantly!
  • Use for AP testing and preparation
  • Develop lessons easily
  • Provide differentiated learning experiences targeted to student abilities and interests
  • Monitor and record students’ progress

    Sanako Lab 100 Student Panel

  • Choose any content: traditional analog sources can be used alongside digital and even Internet material
  • Wide array of activities – Recording, Paired Discussions, Quizzes, Model Imitation
  • Podcasting available
  • Convert analog material to digital automatically
  • The Media Storage Unit provides teachers and students quick access to learning materials stored in a central digital media library
  • Let students evaluate themselves by recording speech and exercises
  • Self-study possibilities to improve listening and speaking skills
  • Easy-to-use, sturdy student digital recorder