Sign Language Lab

Sanako Sign Lab

With this software, all you need is a PC with a camera to teach sign language easily and effectively.  Simultaneously play source video and record signing and/or speech –


Sanako Sign Lab can play the most common video and audio file formats.  Play back a file while recording your signing. You can open two files at the same time and play them simultaneously, and the playback of the two files can be easily synchronized. This way you can, for example, compare the two videos in real time, to make self-assessments or to review student recordings.

  • Compare and combine videos easily
  • Simultaneously record your signing and source video
  • Practice sign language interpretation
  • Possibility to stream live web camera across local network
  • Can be used outside the class for self-study

Picture in Picture Recording (PiP)

Picture in Picture image

You can merge the source video and audio with your own recording by using Picture in Picture recording. This makes easy evaluation and self-assessment available without the need to synchronize separate files.

Mirror image

Use the Mirror command to reverse the camera view along its vertical axis.

Hide my image while recording

Using this feature closes the preview of your webcam recording so you don’t see your own image while recording.


You can add a short text to the preview or file, for example your name, exam identification, etc.

Sanako Sign Lab is standalone software but can also be used as a module with our Sanako Study 1200 and Sanako Study 700 language lab software.