Sanako Study 1200

Sanako lab installed in student carrels with glass frontsFull-feature Software Language Lab

The Study 1200 provides complete classroom management and all available functions of a language lab. Students will feel right at home with the feature-packed student player which gives them multiple possibilities for individualization and interactivity, while the teacher can remotely manage and track their progress. The predefined workflows and functionalities of Study 1200 help to increase the time students spend actively learning and improve their performance, motivation and results.  

How your school can benefit from Sanako Study 1200

  • Optimized wireless performance
  • Increased speaking time in the target language
  • Engage and stimulate students through interactive teacher-led activities
  • Study 1200 Activity List

    Study 1200 Activity List

    Provide differentiated learning experiences to best serve all students

  • Administer AP testing with ease
  • Simulate real-life conversations with “Paired Discussion” activities
  • Give and grade vocabulary tests with the push of a button
  • Develop lessons easily with predefined activities
  • Monitor and record students’ progress
  • Improve even the most difficult to teach elements of pronunciation and intonation with Model Imitation and a wide array of discussion activities
  • Enable self-evaluation through student access to recording and listening to their own pronunciation
  • Stay in control with features such as Internet blocking, Application Control and Student Screen Monitoring
  • Easily assign and collect homework in the form of text and audio recordings
  • Use a wide selection of media sources
  • Convert existing materials easily into mp3’s or create new mp3 recordings
  • Collaborate with students by using the interactive whiteboard and marker tools

Engaged Learners, Improved Results!