Sanako Study 1200

Sanako lab installed in student carrels with glass frontsFull-feature Software Language Lab

The Study 1200 provides complete classroom management and all available functions of a language lab. Students will feel right at home with the feature-packed student player which gives them multiple possibilities for individualization and interactivity, while the teacher can remotely manage and track their progress. The predefined workflows and functionalities of Study 1200 help to increase the time students spend actively learning and improve their performance, motivation and results.   Read more.

Sanako Study 700

Sanako computer labEntry-level Software Language Lab

The Study 700, our classroom management system with basic language lab functionalities keeps the focus on improving communication skills.

This affordable language lab makes it easy for you to launch applications and assignments for students, create playlists for guided learning activities, monitor student computer screens for support and collaboration, and even manage web-based learning activities.   Read more.

Sanako Study 500

Computer lab with two rows of smiling studentsComputer Lab Management & Control

Manage and monitor any computer classroom, giving you more class time for teaching and helping students focus on learning. Sanako Study 500 puts teachers in charge of the programs their students use, the Internet pages they view and the activities they access.  It can be used for teaching any subject.  Read more.