About Language Labs

What is a Language Lab?

Teacher desktop Study 1200

Study 1200 Teacher Desktop

The purpose of a language lab is to enable students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice speaking than would otherwise be possible in a traditional classroom environment.  Use of high quality headsets in a lab enables all students to speak at once and helps students stay focused by eliminating distractions.

Modern language labs in general offer the following:

  • Text, images, audio and video can easily be integrated; teachers can alter materials to fit their requirements
  • Learners can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the teacher, and save results for future use
  • Teachers can monitor and control the students’ computers, listen as groups or individuals speak, collect student recordings, track learners’ work, etc.
  • Self-access for independent learning which includes access to resources outside class

Common components in a modern language lab:

  • Teacher computer with appropriate software for conducting language exercises
  • Teacher and students wear headsets that block outside sounds and disturbances
  • Students have a media player/recorder for listening to audio and recording speech
  • Teacher and student positions are connected via LAN (local area network), in some cases also via separate audio cabling
  • A server computer or a separate storage device is often used to store lesson materials in a digital format

Sanako world-class language labs provide:

  • Differentiated learning that matches students’ individual abilities, interests, and needs
  • More time for students to speak, increasing confidence and fluency
  • Rich audiovisual content to boost engagement and retention
  • More time for one-to-one guidance and feedback