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ESS represents Sanako, the world’s most respected language lab company with more than 30,000 classroom installations worldwide.

Sanako is exclusively dedicated to language labs and works closely with teachers to develop labs that meet real-world classroom challenges. We offer high-quality solutions to fit virtually any need and budget.

Sanako provides superior audio quality, performance, teacher control, and flexibility. Our products are regularly updated to provide new features and to stay compatible with the latest operating systems. Sanako is the only provider of Microsoft Certified language lab software to ensure complete compatibility with your IT infrastructure. That means your lab will still work when you upgrade your operating system!

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Case Study:  School authorities at Foran High School wanted to introduce language learning technology that would satisfy high community expectations for outstanding student results. They turned to Sanako Study 1200 to ensure that they would meet those expectations.

Discover why a lab from Sanako is the best choice for your school.