Software Maintenance

Protect your software investment

Sanako lab student positions at a round white tableSanako continuously strives to improve their products and apply the latest technology in order to bring the advantages of new developments to our customers. Sanako Software Maintenance is a structured protection program for customers’ technology investment, which ensures that you receive upgrades and the newest versions of their solutions.

During the Software Maintenance coverage period, customers will receive all product upgrades and new releases that become available.

Over time, customers protected by Software Maintenance enjoy a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because:

  • Purchasing Software Maintenance is less expensive than buying new release versions
  • Decreases administrative costs
  • Keeping track of software versions and upgrades is hassle-free
  • Software Maintenance can be purchased for an annual fee, so budgeting is easy and predictable
  • Upgrades are automatically provided for customers with Software Maintenance coverage

Educational Systems & Services offers our customers an affordable way to protect your software investment through our Software Maintenance Plans.  These plans ensure customers receive new software versions, releases or enhancements as soon as they become available during the time period of the coverage purchased.

ESS recommends that you sign up for the Sanako upgrade maintenance and our service contracts.  If you are an existing Sanako user and do not have a current contract, please contact us and we will provide you with more information about a Software Maintenance plan to fit your needs.