Practice outside the lab

Sanako Study Solo

young woman with headset and laptop working at homeThis standalone student player/recorder software allows students to learn a language at their own pace. When working at home, Study Solo functions as a stand-alone learning tool. When the student returns to the classroom, Study Solo connects to the Sanako teacher software and works as a normal Student player. Study Solo enables activities for improving all aspects of language learning, especially spoken language.

How your school can benefit from Sanako Study Solo

  • Extend language learning from the classroom to the students’ homes
  • Allow students to learn a language at their own pace
  • Improve pronunciation and communication skills
  • Use a wide variety of content
  • Automatically connects to your Study classroom for easy collection of assignments

Sanako Study Lite Recorder

The Sanako Study Lite Recorder is simple-to-use recording software.  It provides students with the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills independently both on- and off-campus.  One click to record, one click to playback is all it takes.

Registered users of The LanguagePoint can download Study Lite Recorder for free.

Teachers can:

  • Prepare listening activities to be used in class.
  • Record simple audio files for your students to take home to practice.
  • Record yourself asking questions for your students to answer.
  • Record yourself giving model answers with which your students can practice pronunciation.

Students can:

  • Listen to model pronunciation and copy.
  • Answer pre-recorded questions using Voice Insert.
  • Record yourself speaking and turn files in to your teacher for feedback.