Benefits of Sanako Language Labs from ESS for Teachers

smiling teacher at her desk with a computerImagine having the ability to give your students more time to speak and reduce distractions.  A high-quality language lab from Sanako and ESS can make a huge difference in helping students succeed in learning new languages.  You could even teach more than one language or level at a time using a lab!

With 50 years of close collaboration with educators using our products on a daily basis, Sanako labs have been put to the test and come out ahead of the competition.  Our language labs offer unrivaled ease-of-use, intuitive interfaces and powerful features which give teachers more time teaching and working with students.

We know that differentiation in the classroom is important.  Sanako labs allow you to customize the learning experience for each student with appropriate exercises for his or her skill level. Using group discussions, voting games, mock interviews, text chats and more you can add variety and stimulate active learning. You can use virtually any kind of media, including online images and videos while maintaining control over classroom and students’ computers. Best of all, ESS provides comprehensive hands-on training to make sure your language lab becomes an invaluable asset to your classroom.

Contact us to find out how ESS and Sanako can transform your language classroom.