On-site Service and Training

Complete Service and Support

Lab 100 classroomSanako language lab technology is robust and reliable, meaning that your organization will spend less time supporting it and more time using it. When technical issues do arise, today’s time and budget-crunched IT departments may need expert help to keep specialized language lab technology running in peak condition.

Over the multiple years that a language lab will serve your school, operating system upgrades, new hardware, facility moves and other circumstances will undoubtedly arise. When they do, ESS is there to provide you with comprehensive support services for the life of your lab.

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Experience Total Teacher Training

Teacher helping students at computersESS provides expert training to make sure your language lab becomes an invaluable asset to your programOnce your lab is installed, our staff will offer on-site training for groups and one-on-one.  Our sessions are tailored to the needs of your instructors. We understand that people have different teaching styles—not to mention varying levels of comfort with technology. Our job isn’t done until all your staff can maximize the potential of the language lab to help your students learn.

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