Video Streaming

With Sanako’s Video Streamer Module, teachers can select video from a variety of sources such as a DVD/VHS player, satellite receivers, cameras and document readers and play that video out directly to the student desktops.

Video can be streamed to the students under the teacher’s control or made available to students to access in self-study mode in the classroom or even outside the classroom.

The Sanako Video Streamer is a great way to save all your old analog videos as digital files creating an effective video library that is faster and easier to access and view.

Affordable video for learning

This affordable and flexible module features a PC-based server that allows teachers to stream video content directly to an entire classroom through the network, eliminating the need for additional video cards and cabling to student computers.

From analog sources to digital video library

Video may be streamed to students from a variety of analog sources, including DVD or VHS players, satellite receivers, document readers – even a video camera, offering teachers a number of options to enhance their teaching with video material. Content streamed from analog sources can be saved to the server once it has been played, making it faster and easier to launch the next time it is needed.

Many possibilities for use

The video streamer features an intuitive, user-friendly interface which is easy for teachers to master. Content streamed from the server can be viewed with the Sanako Study Player, Sanako Media Assistant and QuickTime ® player.

Enhancing your Study environment

The controls for the video streamer can be launched from the Sanako Study software, enhancing the quality and functionality of the existing Study system by adding another program source.

Sanako Streaming Video Module features:

  • PC-based server combined with Sanako software
  • Video Streamer controls integrated into the Study software
  • Optional Video Streamer control and administration via a web browser
  • Stream from analog sources: DVD, VHS, video camera, satellite receiver, etc.
  • Connect analog sources to the server with regular video cabling (S-video or composite) and audio cabling (2x RCA)
  • View with the Sanako Study Player, Sanako Media Assistant and the
    QuickTime® player
  • Save space on the server and reduce demand on network bandwidth with MPEG compression technology
  • Video Streaming made easy

    The Sanako Streaming Video Module is ready to be used once the video streamer is installed on the LAN and one or more audio/video sources are connected to the video streamer. A selector switch may be installed if more than one analog source is needed.

    The teacher can launch a video stream to student screens by clicking on the Video Stream button in the Sanako Study interface or by selecting it as a media source in language learning activities (only in Sanako Study 1200).  The module allows the teacher to stream video only, or to simultaneously stream, digitize, and save the file for future use. Video content launched in this way is then streamed to students through network and can be seen on the student study player on the PC monitor.