Why Invest in a Language Lab?

students in computer lab classroomKnowing more than one language is a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced global economy, yet language teaching in a traditional classroom setting can be incredibly challenging. As class sizes grow, teachers get less one-on-one time to guide and assess students, and students have less time to speak in class.

A language lab provides students with the ability to speak simultaneously without distracting each other and the amount of speaking time is virtually unlimited. In today’s classrooms, labs are valuable tools for language learning success.

ESS believes that Sanako provides the most innovative, high quality, and effective language classroom solutions available today. Here are just a few of the ways a Sanako lab can enhance your language learning environment:

  • Increased speaking time: Students can all speak at once with Sanako language labs, and teachers can selectively monitor to give guidance. Not only does a Sanako lab increase the amount of time students spend speaking, it also empowers students who might be reluctant to speak in front of the class.
  • Home language learning: Sanako provides students with the ability to practice at home or on-the-go and bring their practice recordings back to the classroom for the teacher to hear and correct.
  • High-quality audio: Users will hear exercises and the teacher distinctly, ensuring an efficient and effective learning experience—without expensive specialized equipment or high-end sound cards.
  • Better assessments: With a Sanako language lab, one-on-one assessments that would take hours of class time can be recorded in a single session for teachers to grade at their convenience.
  • Rich activities: Teachers can record activities, new vocabulary words, and quizzes quickly and easily using the Voice Insert feature. A strong community of Sanako users is constantly developing and sharing new content online.
  • Classroom management: Sanako labs include advanced classroom management functions including Internet and application blocking, screen control, and keyboard/mouse locking.
  • Rich media: Uses images, video, and text in addition to audio, creating more memorable and engaging language learning experiences. Sanako labs enable you to use virtually any content including online images and video.
  • Suitable for any language learning environment: Language labs are usually thought of in association with foreign language classrooms, but Sanako solutions work equally well for English as a Second Language and any situation in which individual speaking practice is beneficial.
  • IT flexibility: Sanako solutions are certified for the latest Microsoft operating systems and integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, whether you choose software- or hardware-based language labs.

Discover why Sanako is the best choice for your language lab solution. Contact ESS today.