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Educational Systems & Services represents Sanako – the world’s most respected language teaching technology company with more than 50,000 classroom installations worldwide.

Trusted by top educational brands and with +50,000 classroom installations worldwide.

Our products and services

ESS helps schools, colleges, universities, and large school districts to implement Sanako solutions. We focus on the success of teachers and students, providing expert training and support to maximize the return on your investment in a Sanako language teaching solution.

Interface of Sanako Connect showing the main screen

Sanako Connect – Online classroom solution for world languages

World language teachers use Sanako Connect to teach languages remotely and in classroom. It works on laptops, tablets and Chromebooks.

Sanako Reactored – Teacher tailored content and adjustable learning styles

Teachers use Reactored to create and share exercises, courses and exams. Students can choose their preferred learning style.

Interface of Sanako Reactored showing some lessons available for learning
User Interface of Sanako Study with the main screen visible with some students, and a sidebar with available options for them

Sanako Study – Advanced classroom software for efficient language teaching

Teachers use Sanako Study to increase the time each student spends speaking and actively practicing during classes.

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