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The Sanako lab is great and the training & support we receive from ESS is really the best. They really do take the time to make us all feel very comfortable with the lab. ESS helps us move beyond the basics and really show us how to get the most out of the lab. They are definitely dedicated to customer satisfaction!

– Alison Strom, German Teacher, Fenwick High School

The discussion activity in Sanako products is always a success! Classes that use the discussion activity always love it. Students can relax as they speak to their classmate in private using the headphones. Sometimes they can’t stop talking!

– Beth Wrobel, Language Lab Coordinator, Oakton Community College

This is the third language lab we have purchased from Educational Systems & Services. We are extremely happy with the service and support ESS has given us. They have never disappointed us through our years of service with them.

– Karen Dixon, Multimedia Lab Coordinator, Altoona Area High School District

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