Our services

ESS services can be included in all Sanako language teaching solutions, regardless if you are looking to implement a classroom-based solution or a distance learning solution.

Teacher Training

We provide expert training to make sure your Sanako solution becomes an invaluable asset to your language teaching program. Our training sessions are tailored to the needs of your instructors. We understand that people have different teaching styles — not to mention varying levels of comfort with technology.

Installation and Technical Services

We work with your IT staff to ensure everything works as planned and set up everything for your language educators to start teaching. If you choose a classroom-based solution, ESS can visit the site where the system will be installed prior to the installation to check that everything can be done efficiently and on time.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support on-site or remotely for your teachers as a group or one-on-one. We can also help your IT staff on-site and remotely. When becoming an ESS customer, we will create a mutual success plan and after sales support process according to your needs.

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